Sunday, April 12, 2009

AnteBellum Addendum

There are times when something has to happen which slaps me square across the face; not a love tap or a splash of cold water in the morning but a serious smack which jolts the senses and conscience and makes you check for blood.

The time with Emily has been a warm electrified blanket and the week after has been horrible with putrid reflection.

I wish I had the backbone to quit but I don't; the Queen and my nan made me a far too stubborn (or hard) a character for that to happen

My last post seems to have struck a nerve with readers who feel my message was I was giving up.

It's not the case.  

The title belies my intent - Antebellum - the term given to the period immediately prior to the American Civil War.  In conversations with my attorney in Florida, I made it clear I believed we had to get past Judge Doyle and the Florida trial (which took 5 years) - clearly there was to be no relief for anything of substance, particularly getting treatment to stop Emily from losing her eye.  

What this has done is establish rights which have been abused and it is this abuse, continuing abuse, which must now be dealt with.

I was sent a note expressing outrage at Emily calling "Paul", Sheila's latest boyfriend, "Daddy" - they were not happy (neither am I) but they suggested I should insist on Emily calling me Father.  I don't reject that but I am absolute nevetheless; I am Emily's Daddy and I always will be - no man (or mother or State Department official or judge) will encroach on Emily's perogative to have her real Daddy.

How some parents "acquiesce" is not beyond me, but I'll be damned if I will - Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of Bellum - in the most civilised sense of the phrase and as Margaret Thatcher almost said,

The man is not for turning!


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