Thursday, April 09, 2009


Sitting in North Carolina after a couple of days driving and deliberating on matters.

Finally, I got to see Emily after 3 years and we had what was a happy time but also deeply disturbing and for both Patsy and I, at times frightening.

Firstly, we arrived in Panama City full of expectation only to be confronted by a brute of a man in the shape of "Paul"; Sheila's current boyfriend, who burst into near hysteria with what he was going to do with me and so on - apparently I like hitting women - and Emily is right there when this kicks off.

Sheila sits and smiles - she's wound the poor bugger up and now his testosterone is kicking in and he wants to give me a good kicking as a consequence - consequence for her if he does - nothing!

I left as soon as I could skidaddle out of there with Emily in tow only to look round and this ape is now giving the same treatment out to Patsy.

Patsy rejoins us and we get back to the hotel - surprise, surprise - "Paul" claims to be a policeman!

Shades of Volusia County Sherriff and Captain Osowski spring to mind - Florida law enforcement have a particular breed of brute which populates their ranks - walking hard-ons with badges and guns - the best policing a blowjob can buy.

The week passes by trying to make the connection with each other - a deeply conflicted little girl who calls you "Karl" because you are not "Dad"; that's Paul these days because Mom says "We both love him very much."

A deeply curious little girl who is full of questions - why did you hurt mom, the judge says you have to go when you see me, why are you a bad man?

I'm buggered if I know the answers to give under the circumstances, I've never really understood how deeply and truly evil this parental alienation stuff can really get nor how easy it is to perform without any repercussion from anyone.

Maybe my name is Lucifer!

Now I have seen Emily, something I've worked bloody hard to achieve for so long, I ask myself the question, 

"Why do I feel so utterly depressed and so exhausted I'm seriously questioning whether I should just walk away and concentrate on the family I can be a part of?"

Then I look at this:


Anonymous said...

Please don't ever give up. With parenting like she has Emily will need you all the more as the years go on.
I have seen children of divorce grow up. No matter what the circumstances, they always know the truth on their own.

If your ex was truly a good mother, she would not want her daughter subjected to the stress of the dumb gorilla she's dating. But then I suppose we knew she was selfish for having abducted Emily in the first place.

I know walking away may seem easier, but I truly believe that's not the choice you can live with as easily.

All my best. Your friend,

teristoddard said...

God bless you Karl. Emily is so big now. Thank God she's asking questions, instead of simply believing. The older she gets, the less her mom can manipulate her with lies.

I'm curious if that creep is really a cop. I wish you'd had a hidden camera with you. I could use that.

Carlos Bermudez said...

My heart goes out to you. These moments we fight so hard to have with our children are marred by the efforts of our children's abductors to alienate them from their true parents and the knowledge that once the visit is over it may be years before another one comes and as soon as we leave the alienating parent will probably throw away all the gifts we brought for our children. I lost what little respect I had left for law enforcement officers when I saw how cavalierly they brushed off my report of my son's international child abduction. No suprises here for me that your wife has been able to find one of these individuals to aid and abet her ongoing crimes. No imaginitive leap is required to cross from being merely complicit in child abduction to becoming an accomplice.

Anonymous said...

what about the kids you deserted back in UK?

Anonymous said...

your a loser

Anonymous said...

more to it all than meets the eye loser

mary said...


don't ever give up! Poor Emily has been brainwashed by her mother. Honestly the child should be seen by a child psychologist ASAP (or Children Services)

This Paul person sounds like a real asshole. Is this the best Sheila can do?

If she won't call you "dad" then maybe she should call you "father". YOU ARE HER FATHER! They call it Father's Day ...not dad day.

I love the picture

Anonymous said...

Lucifer was cleverer than you more like asshole of year for you said...

Lucifer was cleverer than you more like asshole of year for you

Anonymous said...

lol u expect anyone believes angela jackson wrote that ,your a sorry loser of a man

Anonymous said...

Hey Karl my friend...I'm so happy you got to see her. Next time take a video camera with you if you are allowed to, and tape this creep.

It kills me when people don't understand there are TWO sides to everything. If they can't understand that, they should go back to Jr. High School where this crap takes place all the time.