Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moving to Florida & Appeal Update & Federal Filing

Stuck in Virginia with the summer heat encroaching, it's counting time down until the next hearing - taking place on the 3rd of June and not the 4th - not a mistake I would want to make turning up a day late for court!

I asked Sheila's attorney, Kim Banister of Legal Services of Mid-Florida for visitation to take place in Volusia County and not Panama City - she turned me down as "Emily has no connection" yet this is where the court with jurisdiction is - methinks Ms. Kim Banister is looking to get the case transferred to Bay County and hope we get lost somewhere else :)

I am deeply concerned at visitation in Panama City because of the threats of violence from Sheila's boyfriend, Emily's new "daddy" (or should I say "latest") as well as her continuing efforts to have me arrested by the police for variously, stalking, harassment, wearing clean underwear, breathing, haviung the temerity to play a role as Emily's father - while I have received some very interesting paperwork which has confirmed something we already knew, as does Kim Banister:

Sheila Fuith reported serious sexual assault upon our daughter including anal sexual battery, vaginal sexual battery and masturbation
Denied she did this in court
Sheail was found by the FL State Attorney's Offices to have made false allegations and COACHED our child trying to get her to make statements substantiating her own evil and horrible claims TWO WEEKS after being found guilty of CRIMINAL CONTEMPT and still escaped JAIL!
Attorney Kim Banister lied to the Court on several occasions when she had full knowledge of her client's conduct!

An officer of the court (Kim Banister) not telling the truth and deliberately and wilfully lying through her teeth - surely not?

I'm getting ready to move myself down to Florida to Volusia County - I'm going to speed that up I think so there is no doubts over "connection" to that county.

On the appeal front, I'm waiting on a motion to supplement the record - this is where I'm asking the court to allow evidence to be considered which the trial court had - things such as all the depositions Judge Doyle did not look at or read, minor stuff like the convicted pedophile's deposition testifying to the adoption efforts of little Emily or her own family who testified Sheila is not someone they thought fit as a parent or the Hague Convention order from a Supreme Court which said, this kid will get medical treatment for her eye condition but His Honor is apparently a "provincial in this County and we don't do the Hague Convention".  Kim Banister and Sheila don't want little things like this cluttering up the issue and object but we shall see what the Court of Appeal has to say and finally, I can get my initial brief filed which is a work and a half for my poor brain cells.

On a side note, I am holding off on some minor pieces of the federal puzzle regarding Barbara Greig at the State Department's Office of Children Issues and I will be ready to file in Federal Court again so this bag of snakes can be reviewed by a federal judge and jury.

I console myself with the knowledge and belief that all I have to do is find ONE decent and honest judge and this case is over - maybe it will be Judge Rowe but we shall have to see on June 3rd.

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Craig Eckhardt said...

If you think you're gonna find an honest judge in Florida you need to get your head examined.

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