Thursday, May 21, 2009

The End of Visitation

I have thought long and hard on this matter and after seeing what was done with Emily during the sexual abuse investigation and the continuing threats and intimidation along with a host of other issues I have made a decision.

I am withdrawing from visitation and contact with Emily because it is no longer fair on her for this little girl to be at the center of such appalling conflict.

I sent this email to Ms Kim Banister today:

From: Karl Hindle <>
Date: 2009/5/21
Subject: Hindle-Fuith nka Swindell
To: Kim Banister <>

Dear Ms Banister,

I have given this matter a great deal of thought and consultation and have not come to this lightly.

I firmly believe it is not in Emily's interests to continue to be at the center of the conflict inflicted by your client's continuing conduct.

Threats of violence and intimidation towards me in front of our child; sexual abuse of the most heinous and evil form coupled with continuing criminal contempt unpunished by the court and scantily clad window-dressing of compliance belying the malevolent influence upon Emily by her mother.  Little Emily cannot say she loves me in front of her mother nor call me Dad - this is reserved for her step-father.

I will not travel to Panama City for visitation as the threat to my physical person is real and tangible as it also is to my liberty with the continuing efforts to have me charged and arrested by law enforcement for stalking and so forth.

I will no longer seek to exercise any visitation with little Emily as the threat of false allegations of abuse of the most evil and vile nature has not been removed by her mother and indeed, has continued post-trial.

I therefore advise you, I will no longer seek to exercise visitation with Emily and sadly, accept that in order to allow Emily to be a child free of this conflict, I must withdraw so your client has no further cause to inflict pain and distress upon her with the most evil alienation and disregard for our little girl.

I will attend court on June 3rd and have written to Judge Rowe under separate cover to inform His Honor of my very sad decision.  I therefore will not be exercising any of the visitation we have previously discussed.

Yours sincerely,

Karl Hindle


John Doe said...

Karl, I am so sorry.

Anonymous said...

Karl, I am terribly sorry that you have to come to this. I know the decision wasn't made lightly. Good luck to you my friend. Maybe once the judge sees your letter, the attorney and judge involved with this miscarriage of justice will be held accountable.