Thursday, May 28, 2009

Washington D.C. Visit - Federal Filing Preparation

Today is a trip to Washington D.C. and a visit with a couple of legal eagles prior to filing in Federal Court as we revisit Hindle-v-Secretary of State Rice - times have changed and so have the names with the change in the President and new Administration.

This reminds me of one of the brief conversations with Emily who expressed a 7-year old's political opinion - Emily wanted McCain to win the Presidential election because "Obama is a nigger!"

A 7-year old's opinion or that of someone else I wonder - I recall my own political opinions at that age were restricted to how much pocket money I could get if I washed the car and whether it was better to wash up the dishes or to dry them as my brothers and I split the chores.

Irrespective, I'm still waiting on the latest round of motions with the Appeal Court in Florida and will be filing the initial brief shortly afterwards - one lawyer I spoke with thinks it is going to be interesting to see what they make of the blindness issue and complete failure to enforce the Hague Convention order as well as the simple neglect of little Emily.

What the Appeal Court makes of it all is one thing, but the Hague Convention failings make this a Federal issue beyond state rights which usually confines family cases; but then so does all the interference run by the Department of State's Barbara Greig in this fraud.

As yet another lawyer advised, "The misbehavior in this case is palpable."

We shall see; next week I have a court hearing in DeLand, Florida, filing the brief wwith the Appeal Court and in a month filing in Federal Court in Washington D.C.

It is going to be a hectic schedule and we'll see what comes out of all of this in due course.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with this one as well Karl. I know that somewhere in this great country there are honorable and honest Judges. Just not in Volusia County. Maybe the Florida Bar will take note and hold those involved accountable for their part in your situation. Good luck!