Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2010: Sean Goldman Home, Thousands More To Go

Christmas Day is always a bitter-sweet affair for me: I see my children as I have done this morning, but thoughts of Emily are inescapable.

Emily and I have had one Christmas together - her first Christmas before she was taken 14 short days later.

Happy Christmas Emily Rose - Daddy loves you darling ;)

Yesterday, I received a call from Robert Skelton in Florida with the news that Sean Goldman had been handed over at the US Consulate and by now is back in the US with his dad, David Goldman.

That is news beyond many parents fantasies. Good luck to both of them with their new life together and I wish them happiness as they catch up with each other for the stolen years taken from them.

A sweet development but for the bitterness.

Why be bitter? Sean is home, David Goldman has succeeded where so many have failed?

I feel bitterness because of the following, many of whom I have come to know personally and consider as friends:

Carlos Bermudez and his son Sage (in Mexico)

Ariel Ayubo and his son, Lorenzo (Brazil)

Tim Weinstein and his children (in Brazil)

Rob Skelton and his daughter, Marissa Joy Kvistad (somewhere in Europe probably)

Martin Boyle and his daughter, Rebecca (in Brazil)

Mayra Elsafi and her children Tariq & Sarah (thought to be in Sudan)

Ken Thompson and his son, Andrew (probably in Germany)

Michael Shannon and his children (in Egypt)

Devan Davenport and Nadia (in Brazil)

Larry Synclair and his son, Larry Jr. (in Russia)

Joseph Cannon and his daughter, Shelby (in the UK)

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Laura Gael Sweeney said...

Thanks for sharing this list of parents whose children are abducted or retained abroad. There needs to be an answer other than the current Hague Treaty in its present form. We all need to make efforts to educate, focusing on prevention and introducing these stories as part of curricula.