Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sean Goldman To Remain In Brazil

Brazil's Supreme Court has stayed the Appeal Ruling won by David Goldman, 3-0 and Sean Goldman will now have to remain in Brazil until his testimony can be heard.

David Goldman flew to Brazil yesterday with Congressman Smith in anticipation of collecting Sean and returning with him to their home in New Jersey. The step-father and the boy's Brazilian family have appealed that court ruling and it is now likely that Sean will have to remain in Brazil at least until February when his testimony will be heard.

Sean and David Goldman have not seen each other since June last year; on the other hand, Emily and I have not seen each other since March and David is getting court time far faster in Brazil than I am in Florida - the Appeal for Emily is still waiting to be set for oral argument and the calendar has been booked through to March 2010 (without us on it).

My heart goes out to both of them nevertheless.

Good luck guys.

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