Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Post Before the Off

At last I have finalised information for seeing little Emily on Saturday - my fiance and I head down on Friday for the 14 hour, 900 mile one-way trip to Panama City.

My confidence in whether there will be any visitation is not high - the track record is bad - no visitation for three long years.

I have very little doubt that something will arise at the 11th hour but there is no point in hoping for the worst - I'll be in Panama City for my 8pm pick-up for Emily and fortunately, Patsy (my better half) will be with me.

For everyone who has emailed me saying "Good luck" and variations on that theme - THANKS :)


Anonymous said...

what utter bs you spin you know and everybody else knows your a bs artist now hope surprises happen

Anonymous said...

your full of it