Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Judge John V Doyle - Volusia County Florida

It has come as something of a surprise to me the number of hits to this blog I am getting with people searching on Judge Doyle in Family Court, Volusia County down in Florida.

I've had a couple of parents come forward to share their negative experiences of Judge Doyle who has recently been removed from family court and is now dealing with people arguing over money and not children.

One wag pointed out that at least he couldn't do so much damage there.

My recent dealings with Left Behind Parents whose children have been abducted overseas has rubbed in the ire some feel, particularly with Judge Doyle's comment,

"We're provincials in this county, we don't do the Hague Convention."

That has certainly gone down like the proverbial lead balloon, however, criticism of Judge Doyle seems to be not limited to parents dealing with international child abduction as others, who have had His Honor deal with their purely domestic cases have been coming forward.

A serving US Navy officer recounts Judge Doyle stating in his case dealing with two children,

"I can go down to the County jail and pick two inmates at random who would make better parents than you two!"

Praise indeed for someone in the military defending the country while his ex-wife is arrested for domestic battery upon her current (or not so current partner), loses the home to foreclosure while receiving $2,000 a month in child support and has a problem with drug abuse.

I had a response to my complaint regarding Judge Doyle from the Judicial Qualifications Commission - they want the transcripts of Judge Doyle's comments during trial.  


Is it worth spending another $100 on this guy?

Given the current focus on the Hague Convention and compliance with it by the likes of Brazil (see the recent article published here by Tim Weinstein), I believe it certainly is.

Lack of compliance with the law by family court judges is rife and when the Hague Convention is involved and one country (Brazil) is being asked to step up to the plate and comply with its obligations it is fair and reasonable that the other country (the United States) should be doing the same thing also.

Tim Weinstein is busy preparing his second article on the Hague Convention and his experiences with Brazil which I'm looking forward to and gauging the reaction to that, quite a few of you reading this are as well.  Another father, Carlos Bermudez from North Carolina and whose son, Sage, was abducted to Mexico is also preparing a piece on the subject which we shall be publishing shortly.

At the same time, I have written on Robert Skelton, whose daughter Marissa Joy Kvistad was abducted from Volusia County FL to Spain and thence to Switzerland while Ariel Ayubo whose son, Lorenzo, has also been abducted to Brazil has also deserved mention - both of these parents reside in Volusia County and both are relying on the Hague Convention to get their children back home to the United States.

Irresponsible comments and poor standards of judicial behaviour such as that displayed by Judge Doyle regarding Emily Rose do little to help the cause of any parent with a child taken overseas nevermind the two fathers with children directly from his own jurisdiction.  

It is obvious His Honor Judge Doyle has a set of domestic detractors but after he commented in trial,

"At my age all you I look forward to is a good nights sleep and a decent bowel movement."

I can only hope His Honor has that "decent bowel movement" before too long - judicial constipation is one reason why these cases drag on for far too long.


Anonymous said...

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racing409 said...

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rex said...


Anonymous said...

I also had a case involving a divorce in volusia county and am very concerned at the outcome. Fortunately for me it only involved financial matters and not the custody of our children however I have been left in a position whereby I will soon be without means to care for them after 17 years of marriage and a rather large estate that was extremly misdivided. He meaning the judge is not worthy of the chair the county bought for him to sit it!!!! I am very concerned for anyone who had to go before him as he is very dilusional and I must question his mental state!! Question is what can we go about it all? I truly hope that you are reunited with your Emily Rose!! I firmly beleive he is corupt and continues to act like a cheshire cat with no regard or justice for the public and their concerns....I felt that a courtroom was a place of justice!!! JUST NOT SO!!!

Emily's Dad said...

I've been very surprised at the reaction to Judge John V Doyle - I had no idea so many people were seriously ticked off with him.

For those who have had first hand experience of His Honor, the road to go appears to be to complain to the Judicial Qualifications Commmission and to Congressman Mica:

Judicial Qualifications Commission
1110 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Congressman Mica
FAO: Jean Carrero
100 East Sybelia Avenue, #340
Maitland, Florida 32751-4495
Phone: (407) 657-8080
Fax: (407) 657-5353

It will cost you a couple of stamps but if you want your voice heard here's how you do it.

Copy me in - I'll publish them.

Emily's Dad

Anonymous said...

Doyle allowed my kids to move across the country some years back with their mother and her boyfriend. Their entire family was here in Daytona. In my humble opinion this guy has never been a fair judge.
For the record he once said that being a heroin addict did not necessarily make you a bad parent.

Anonymous said...

Todays Daytona Beach News Journal story 9/1/09 has a rather interesting story about judge John Doyle making some off-color remarks and how a group of attorneys is looking to disbar him.

Emily's Dad said...

@Keeper of records - email me please at

I've also put a post up based on the Daytona Beach article

mlm80 said...

I was awarded sole parental responsibility in 2002. My child was then abused of sorts at her Dad's house. Judge Doyle ignored reports from FDCS, counselors, psych Drs, and more...then in 2006 awarded joint custody with physical custody with the father. My innocent child has been with that 'man' for 3.5 years and I can't seem to find a way around this 'Judge'. No one cares that this IS NOT about is about this innocent child!!! and all I want to do is SAVE HER LIFE!! I need someone to help me. I have written to senators, congressmen, to Judge Piggotte and all I hear is "sorry, nothing". Where are the civil rights for our children? Why can't they have Guardian ad Litem? Is Florida the only State that won't allow children to be protected?
Doyle MUST GO NOW!!! Give children back their civil rights!!!